The project will begin in 2021 Q2, and the publications associated to the project will be published here. For full list of publications by the project leader, see Google Scholar.

2020 Törnberg P, Chiappini L. Selling black places on Airbnb: Colonial discourse and the marketing of black communities in New York City. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 52 (3), 553-572

This paper uses computational discourse analysis to examine how black-majority neighborhoods in New York City are marketed on Airbnb by black and white hosts. The analysis reveals how white entrepreneurs attempt to attract guests through a form of colonial discourse: exoticizing difference, emphasizing foreignness, and treating communities as consumable experiences for an outside group. White visitors, in turn, consume these cultural symbols to decorate their own identities of touristic consumption, describing themselves in colonial tropes of brave white adventurers exploring uncharted territories: glorious conquests no longer over gold and ivory, but over sandwiches at a local bodega.

2020 Törnberg P, Uitermark J. Complex Control and the Governmentality of Digital Platforms. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2, 6

This paper theorizes through Foucault, Bauman and Deleuze the way complexity and self-organization, once ideas associated with utopian dreams of leaderless societies, now have become part of a new form of social control embodied in digital platform.